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BNP Paribas Easy range expands with launch of three new smart beta ETFs.....

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BNP Paribas Asset Management is expanding its smart-beta ETF range with the launch of three tracker funds designed for investors seeking access to the potential yield of high dividend shares in the US or Europe, or to undervalued US shares.  The new funds, listed on Euronext Paris and Xetra, increase the number of smart beta ETFs in the BNP Paribas Easy range to 14.

BNP Paribas Easy Equity Dividend US UCITS ETF and BNP Paribas Easy Equity Dividend Europe UCITS ETF replicate the performance of strategy indices developed by BNP Paribas*, investing in a basket of liquid shares that can pay high, stable and sustainable dividends.  BNP Paribas Easy Equity Value US UCITS ETF replicates the performance of a strategy index that offers exposure to the potential performance of a basket of US shares considered to be undervalued according to fundamental analysis criteria.

Isabelle Bourcier, Head of ETF and Index Activity at BNP Paribas Asset Management, comments: "The launch of these three new ETFs underlines our desire to continue expanding our range of smart-beta investment solutions and meets genuine client demand for portfolio diversification.  The continued development of our smart beta range draws on the recognised expertise of our indexed fund research and management teams, as well as competitive management fees.”

Characteristics of the new smart-beta BNP Paribas Easy ETFs



Source: ETFWorld


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