Sat, Sep

ETF Europe

UBS has listed two Equity ETFs on Canada and Japan in the local currency......

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Product Name UBS ETF MSCI Japan UCITS ETF (JPY) A-acc
ISIN LU0950671825
Symbol JPNA
Issuer UBS
Fund Currency JPY
Trading Currency JPY
Bloomberg Ticker JPNA SW
Reuters Ticker JPNA.S
Underlying MSCI Japan (Net Return)
Management Fee 0.35%


Product Name UBS ETF MSCI Canada UCITS ETF (CAD) A-acc
ISIN LU0950672807
Symbol CANA
Issuer UBS
Fund Currency CAD
Trading Currency CAD
Bloomberg Ticker CANA SW
Reuters Ticker CANA.S
Underlying MSCI Canada (Net Return)
Management Fee 0.33%


Source: ETFWorld.co.uk

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