Fixed Income ETFs maintain solid inflows..

Deutsche Bank : European Monthly ETF Market Review for August 2017

Data in this report is as of 31st August 2017.

European ETP Monthly Highlights (Assets, Flows & Launches):

Assets & Flows: Assets rose €2bn MoM (Total Assets €612bn), Net inflows +€3.6bn (YTD +€69bn)

3 New Launches: 1 Equity, 1 Fixed Income and 1 Multi Asset ETF.

Investment Themes for the Month Equities (+€1.6bn) - Winners: Europe +€1bn, US +€495mn, EM +€291mn; Losers: Japan -€157mn, Global DM -€295mn; Smart Beta covering all regions saw +€442mn inflows. Regional flow drivers:

Europe (+1bn): Smart Beta, Country (UK & Germany) and Sector (Financials) ETFs. Within Smart Beta, Multi Factor and ESG ETFs were favoured, while Dividend ETFs had small outflows.

Other regions (+€0.6bn): 1) EM inflows (MSCI Emerging Markets) 2) US inflows (S&P 500). 3) Japan outflows (Nikkei 400) 4) Global DM outflows (MSCI World partly offset by inflows into MSCI World Momentum)

Fixed Income (+€2.2bn) - All major regions experienced net inflows; Europe (+ €0.6bn), US (+€0.5bn), EM (€0.3bn), Global (€0.2bn). Regional flow drivers:

Europe (+€0.6bn): Corporates and Sovereign ETFs equally contributed to inflows

Other regions (+€1.6bn): 1) US inflows (mainly Sovereign) 2) EM inflows (almost entirely Sovereign) 3) Global DM inflows (mixed across all segments)

Commodities (-€94mn) -  Outflows from Crude Oil (-€215mn) offset inflows into Gold (+€226mn)

Turnover: MoM turnover decreased by 5% The total turnover activity into European ETPs decreased by 5% where total turnover observed was (€52.6bn) compared to the last month’s total (€55.6bn).

Source: ETFWorld


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