07/01/2009 Number of Transactions on Xetra up 29 Percent in December

In December, a total volume of €122 billion was traded on all stock exchanges in Germany/ Number of trades on Xetra up 28 percent over the year 2008 ….

In December 2008, the number of trades executed on Xetra® reached 15.5 million transactions – up 29 percent compared to December 2007 with 12.0 million trades. Order book turnover on Xetra recorded €94.3 billion (December 2007: €142.3 billion), down by 34 percent.

On Xetra and the Frankfurt floor €89.2 billion were turned over in German equities and €11.1 billion in foreign shares. 95 percent of the transaction volume with German equities and 86 percent of foreign equities were traded on Xetra and on the floor at Börse Frankfurt.

According to the Xetra liquidity measure (XLM), the most liquid ETF was db x-trackers ETF II-EONIA T.R. 1C with 0.5 bp.

226.0 million trades were executed on Xetra from January to December 2008, an increase of 28 percent compared to the year 2007 (176.3 million transactions).

Over the year 2008, the order book turnover on Xetra recorded at €2.1 trillion, down 10 percent (2007: €2.4 trillion), while the order book turnover on the floor at Börse Frankfurt reached €112.9 billion, a decrease of 30 percent compared to January through December 2007 (€162.1 billion).

A total volume of €2.5 trillion was traded on all stock exchanges in Germany in the year 2008, down 12 percent compared to the previous year (2007: €2.8 trillion).

Source: – Deutsche Börse AG

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