1,000th ETF listed on SIX Swiss Exchange

With five new ETFs from UBS, the selection available on SIX Swiss Exchange has risen to 1,000 products….

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Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are funds that are traded over an exchange and do not have maturity caps. SIX Swiss Exchange is among the pioneers of ETF trading in Europe, having already launched its segment in 2000 with two products on STOXX indices. Since then, the number of products has continued to grow from year to year. 162 products were added in 2014 alone. With the five ETFs listed by UBS today, the selection of ETFs now comprises 1,000 products from 18 issuers.

In the course of their successful growth, ETFs, in addition to equities, have come to incorporate further asset classes, such as bonds, currencies and commodities. Innovative products from a growing number of issuers also cover regions, countries and sectors, as well as investment strategies, sectors and areas. Since 2014, SIX Swiss Exchange has also offered the trading of actively managed ETFs.

For investors, trading with ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange provides a large variety of investment opportunities. With ETFs, investors also benefit from the advantages of on-exchange trading, such as security, transparency, fairness, continuous trading and pricing by market makers.

SIX Swiss Exchange is proud of this new high point in the history of ETFs, achieved in cooperation with issuers, and would like to thank them for the trust they have shown with every product launched. SIX Swiss Exchange congratulates UBS on contributing to this milestone with today’s listings, and wishes further success in the future for all products, issuers and market makers.


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