10/03/2008 db x-tracker ETF’S raise eur 10 billion assets in 14 months


db x-trackers – Deutsche Bank’s Exchange Traded Funds platform, has raised more than EUR 10 billion of assets in record time since launching in January 2007.

Deutsche Bank is now the third largest ETF provider in Europe by assets under management with a market share of more than 10 per cent.
The db x-trackers ETF on EONIA, the EUR overnight money market interest rate tracker, has raised assets of EUR2 billion making it the largest fixed income ETF in Europe and at the same time the most successful ETF that has ever been issued in Europe.
Deutsche Bank also offers ETFs in the USA and South Africa. Last week, the two ITrix ETFs in South Africa were rebranded as db x-trackers and are to be followed by the launch of three new ETFs.

The total assets under management for Deutsche Bank ETFs globally is around EUR 15 billion, which makes Deutsche Bank the seventh largest provider of ETFs globally.
Assets under management in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Europe were 89.17 bln. € at the end of 2007. There are currently 81 db x-tracker ETFs with 185 listings in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Switzerland. – db x-tracker

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