102 billion euro turned over on Xetra in April


Order book turnover on Xetra and on the trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange stood at €108.3 billion in April – a decrease by 14 percent year-on-year (April 2010: €126 billion). The decrease was due to reduced volatility compared to April 2010. Of the €108.3 billion, €102.6 billion was attributable to Xetra which registered a decline of 14 percent y-o-y (April 2010: €118.8 billion). €5.7 billion was attributable to floor trading in Frankfurt, a decrease of 22 percent y-o-y (April 2010: €7.2 billion). Order book turnover on Tradegate Exchange totaled €2.5 billion in April, making it 63 percent higher y-o-y (April 2010: €1.5 billion)…

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    In equities, turnover reached €90.8 billion on Deutsche Börse’s cash markets (Xetra: €88.5 billion, Frankfurt trading floor: €2.3 billion). Turnover in bonds was €1.8 billion, and in structured products €2.1 billion (including Scoach). Order book turnover in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) amounted to €13.4 billion.

    A total of 15.4 million transactions were executed on Xetra in April, a small growth of roughly one percent y-o-y (April 2010: 15.3 million).

    The Siemens AG share was the most liquid equity on the DAX index in April, based on the Xetra liquidity measure (XLM) with 4.5 basis points (bp) for an order volume of €100,000. EADS N.V. topped the MDAX with 14.53 bp. The most liquid foreign equity was Total S.A. with 12.48 bp. XLM measures liquidity in electronic securities trading on the basis of the implicit transaction costs. It is expressed in basis points (1 bp = 0.01 percent); a low XLM denotes high liquidity in a security.

    The DAX security with the highest turnover in April was Daimler AG at €8.1 billion. Continental AG led the MDAX equities at €843.3 million, while Balda AG topped the SDAX equity index with €53.8 million, and Aixtron SE headed TecDAX with €575.5 million. The ETF with the highest turnover on Xetra was iShares DAX with €2.9 billion.

    Source: ETFWorld – Deutsche Börse

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