13/10/2009 Scoach Launches Index for Reverse Convertibles

Investors increasingly demand reverse convertibles/ Scoach and EDG expand certificate indices offering accordingly…...

As of today, Scoach, the Frankfurt exchange for structured products, offers investors the Scoach reverse convertibles index. This new barometer enables investors to immediately track average, market-weighted performance of reverse convertibles in different market phases.

Since the flat-rate withholding tax has gone into force thus ending tax discrimination of reverse convertibles, this product has been gaining in investor popularity. “With the Scoach reverse convertibles index, we are promptly addressing our clients’ increased interest in information and supplying representative market tracking based on volume actually invested,” said Christian Reuss, CEO of Scoach Europa AG.

The Scoach reverse convertibles index is composed of 20 reverse convertibles selected by the European Derivatives Group (EDG). Each month, EDG determines these representative products by volume invested. The Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50® Index serves as the basis.

The new reverse convertibles index supplements Scoach’s existing certificate index family. Scoach has already been publishing indices on discount, bonus, outperformance and guarantee certificates since October 2008. These successful indices are used by professional investors, among others, to benchmark comparable investment strategies.

Just as its predecessors, the Scoach reverse convertibles index is calculated by Deutsche Börse Market Data & Analytics and disseminated via the CEF® data feeds

Source: ETFWorld – Deutsche Borse


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