14/01/2009 32 Vienna Stock Exchange Launches First CEE Sustainability Index: CEERIUS

The Vienna Stock Exchange today announces that it has enlarged its range of indices with a new real-time

sustainability index CEERIUS ® – CEE Responsibility Investment Universe. With this index, the Vienna Stock Exchange is the first stock exchange to calculate a sustainability index for Eastern Europe. CEERIUS ® is a capitalization-weighted price index and is calculated in EUR. It consists of those companies that are traded on the stock exchanges of the region of Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe and are leaders in the areas of social and ecological performance. The index currently consists of 17 companies from Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The index has been designed as a tradable index and the CEERIUS ® may be used as an underlying for structured products as well as for standardized derivatives such as futures and options. The starting value of the CEERIUS ® was defined at 1,000 index points on 2 January 2009. Every year, a sustainability evaluation is conducted and the companies are assigned nine rating classes. The composition of the index is defined every December and is generally valid for one year. The calculation parameters are reviewed and adjusted on a quarterly basis.

Source: -Wienerborse

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