15/12/2008 New ETF Provider Launched on Xetra

Launched six new index funds on Europe’s leading ETF trading platform/ Easy access to commodity markets via equity index ETFs…

Since Monday, exchange-traded funds issued by ETF Securities have been tradable for the first time on Xetra.

The new ETFs are an expansion to the current ETC offering, allowing investors to compliment their direct commodity investments with indirect exposure to the commodity market. The extensive ETF Securities product range offers investors easy access to equities in the following commodity sectors: alternative energy sources, water, nuclear energy and agriculture.

Now, for the first time, ETFs based on the leading US equity indices Russell 1000 and Russell 2000 are tradable on Xetra. Both indices are considered to be comprehensive and balanced benchmarks for large and small listed companies from the US.

The DAXglobal® Alternative Energy Index tracks the performance of the 15 largest and most liquid alternative energy companies around the world. The index allocates the five segments – wind, solar, ethanol, natural gas and geothermal power/hydropower/batteries – an equal weighting and contains three companies from each segment.

The WNA Nuclear Energy Index, the official index of the World Nuclear Association, is a benchmark for companies from all walks of the international nuclear industry. These include: power station construction, reactors, nuclear energy generation, fuels as well as technology, equipment and services.

The Janney Global Water Index is the benchmark for water supply companies or technology providers for those companies. Both segments have an equal weighting in the index.

The S-Network ITG Agriculture Index contains companies from the international agricultural industry. The methodology of the index ensures it contains positions from various segments of the international agricultural industry. These include: seeds, chemicals and fertilizers, equipment, agricultural goods and livestock. – Deutsche Boerse

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