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17 new ETFs on Deutsche Börse

After rapid and progressive growth in listings in 2009, increasing its range of products traded on Euronext Paris to 78, today.

            Amundi ETF continues its development strategy by listing 17 ETFs on Deutsche Börse

            Amundi ETF marks a new stage in its international development strategy by listing 17 ETFs on Deutsche Börse.

            This first wave of listings consists mainly of equity ETFs and a money market ETF, of which five are unprecedented in Germany. These will be followed by the listing of several other series in the coming months, significantly increasing Amundi ETF’s offering on Xetra.

            Valérie Baudson, Director of Amundi ETF comments, “our entry into the German ETF market, acknowledged as the most competitive in Europe, constitutes a key stage in our development strategy. We are capable of offering German investors an increasingly comprehensive toolbox supported by three key strengths which characterize our range: competitive prices, quality products and continuous innovation.”

            Thierry Ancona, Head of Sales Continental Europe at CA Cheuvreux, adds “the German market is the largest European market by volume of ETF transactions. The listing of Amundi ETF products on this market establishes a fundamental step in the development of CA Cheuvreux’s service to German institutions.”

            Rainer Riess, Managing Director of Xetra Market Development at Deutsche Börse states “we are pleased to be able to further increase the XTF segment on Deutsche Börse thanks to Amundi’s entry. With the listing of the Amundi products on Xetra, the biggest ETF trading platform in Europe, investors can now benefit from Amundi’s innovative products at competitive prices.”

            Our listing on the pan-European trading platform Xetra is a springboard for stepping up our ETF sales activities in Germany,” adds Hubert Dänner, Head of Amundi Germany, and goes on to say, “More and more German institutional investors are opting for ETFs, which offer the benefits of low costs, tradability and a high degree of transparency.”

            Of the 17 ETFs listed on Deutsche Börse, five are without precedent in Germany. This series consists of:

            -six regional equity ETFs, of which two are without precedent in Europe, enabling European or Euro zone investors to benefit from an exposure to the rest of the world through a single transaction

            – five country equity ETFs, providing exposure to German, American, Japanese, and emerging equities

            –  three leveraged ETFs seeking to replicate twice the daily performance of their respective indices and two short ETFs offering a daily inverse exposure to the performance of the DAX 30 and the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50, whether the trend is rising or falling

            -one money market ETF, for short- and medium-term cash management

            These products are managed by a synthetic replication method and benefit from the high quality rating of the Crédit Agricole Group.

            The Amundi ETF range is distributed by dedicated sales teams at CA Cheuvreux and Amundi.

            ETF name       ISIN                 Management fee
            Amundi ETF Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 FR0010654913 0.15%
            Amundi ETF EONIA FR0010718841 0.14%
            Amundi ETF Leveraged Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 FR0010756072 0.30%
            Amundi ETF Leveraged MSCI Europe Daily FR0010756080 0.35%
            Amundi ETF Leveraged MSCI USA Daily FR0010755611 0.35%
            Amundi ETF MSCI China FR0010713784 0.55%
            Amundi ETF MSCI EMU FR0010655688 0.25%
            Amundi ETF MSCI Europe FR0010655696 0.28%
            Amundi ETF MSCI Germany FR0010655712 0.25%
            Amundi ETF MSCI India FR0010713727 0.80%
            Amundi ETF MSCI Japan FR0010688242 0.45%
            Amundi ETF MSCI Pacific ex Japan FR0010713669 0.45%
            Amundi ETF MSCI USA FR0010688275 0.28%
            Amundi ETF MSCI World ex EMU FR0010756114 0.35%
            Amundi ETF MSCI World ex Europe FR0010756122 0.35%
            Amundi ETF Short DAX 30 FR0010791178 0.35%
            Amundi ETF Short Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 FR0010757781 0.30%

            Source: ETFWorld – Amundi ETF

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