19/12/2008 22 new ETFs Launched on Xetra

Five indices tradable for the first time in Europe / Country and strategy indices as benchmark  Deutsche Börse is further expanding its XTF segment for exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) on the pan-European Xetra® trading platform and has admitted 22 new ETFs issued by ….

ComStage, a Commerzbank subsidiary, to trading.

17 of the 22 new ComStage ETFs are based on the MSCI index family. These equity indices are globally accessible for investing and are segmented by size, type and sector. They are weighted by freefloat market capitalization and track the performance of international equity markets based on total return with net dividends reinvested.

Five of these indices are tradable in Europe for the first time. The MSCI Pacific TRN tracks share performance of five developed equity markets in the Asia-Pacific region: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. The MSCI Pacific ex Japan TRN tracks the same markets with the exception of Japan.

With the two ComStage ETFs MSCI USA Mid Cap TRN and MSCI Small Cap TRN, investors can invest in US mid-cap and US small-cap companies for the first time. The MSCI USA Mid Cap index tracks 15 percent and the MSCI USA Small Cap index 12 percent of US market capitalization.

Moreover, the MSCI Russia 30% Capped index is now tradable in Europe. This index comprises the components of the Russian standard index MSCI Russia and tracks the performance of Russian companies. An upper limit of 30 percent on the basis of closing prices each trading day applies for the weighting of its components.

In addition to the 17 ETFs on the MSCI indices, ComStage has launched five additional funds and had them listed on Xetra. They are based on the Swiss blue-chip index SMI®, the Tokyo stock exchange’s TOPIX®, the Vienna stock exchange’s ATX® as well as the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50® Short and Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50® Leveraged indices.

The product offering on Xetra in the XTF segment currently comprises a total of 399 exchange-traded index funds, making it the largest offering of all European stock exchanges. This selection, together with an average monthly trading volume of over €10 billion, makes Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment Europe’s leading trading venue for ETFs.

The 22 ComStage ETFs listed for the first time including ISIN and management fee:

ComStage ETF MSCI World TRN LU0392494562 0.40 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Europe TRN LU0392494646 0.25 %

ComStage ETF MSCI EMU TRN LU0392494729 0.25 %

ComStage ETF MSCI North America TRN LU0392494992 0.25 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Pacific TRN  LU0392495023 0.60 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Pacific ex Japan TRN LU0392495296 0.60 %

ComStage ETF MSCI EM Eastern Europe TRN LU0392495379 0.60 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Japan TRN LU0392495452 0.45 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Russia 30% Capped TRN LU0392495536 0.60 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Taiwan TRN LU0392495619 0.60 %

ComStage ETF MSCI USA TRN LU0392495700 0.25 %

ComStage ETF MSCI USA Large Cap TRN LU0392495882 0.25 %

ComStage ETF MSCI USA Mid Cap TRN LU0392495965 0.35 %

ComStage ETF MSCI USA Small Cap TRN LU0392496005 0.35 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Europe Large Cap TRN LU0392495882 0,25 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Europe Mid Cap TRN LU0392495965 0.35 %

ComStage ETF MSCI Europe Small Cap TRN LU0392496005 0.35 %

ComStage ETF SMI® LU0392496427 0.25 %

ComStage ETF TOPIX® LU0392496773 0.45 %

ComStage ETF DJ EURO STOXX 50® Short LU0392496856 0.35 %

ComStage ETF DJ EURO STOXX 50® Leveraged LU0392496930 0.35 %

ComStage ETF ATX® LU0392496690 0.25 %

Source: – CommerzBank

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