Acquisition of Gold Bullion Securities products on London and Australian Stock Exchanges

ETF Securities Limited has formally completed the acquisition of the world’s first gold ETCs – Gold Bullion Securities listed on …



  the London Stock Exchange (LSE: GBS) and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: GOLD).

Following an announcement made on 27 June 2008, the Jersey Financial Services Commission gave its formal approval of the acquisition on 17 October. As a result, Lyxor Gold Bullion Securities will refer to its original name of Gold Bullion Securities. The issuer’s name will remain unchanged as Gold Bullion Securities Limited.

Due to the acquisition, the Marketing Agent Agreement between Lyxor and Gold Bullion Holdings Ltd and Gold Bullion Securities Ltd., will expire. Lyxor will no longer act either as marketing and distribution agent, or as liquidity provider for Gold Bullion Securities on the various European Stock Exchanges where it is listed. – ETFSecuritie




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