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Amun: Approval of a prospectus under the EU Prospectus Regulation

Amun AG announces that the Finansinspektionen, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA) has approved the Base Prospectus filed by AMUN AG….

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Ophelia Snyder Co-Founder, President at Amun

Amun is the first issuer to deliver fully collateralized, passive investment products with crypto currencies as underlying asset.

The Issuer confirms that it has extensive plans to expand its current set of product offerings of digital-asset Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) into the Europe Union and continues its mission to lead the delivery of professional-grade investment products in the crypto currency and blockchain markets.

“Our mission is clear and that is to help investors more safely, cost effectively and easily invest in crypto asset classes through our crypto ETPs. We are very fortunate to have finished this process within 4 months of its consultancy periodsaid Amun’s President Ms Ophelia Snyder.

“We recognise that the regulatory framework in Sweden has been supportive of such initiatives and we welcome its deliberation. The combination of strong demand for ETPs in Sweden – especially in crypto assets – among private investors and institutional clients and our strong expertise in these product categories create ideal conditions for Amun’s entry into the Swedish and European Union markets for ETPs.”

The Issuer is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and looks forward to continuing a productive and collaborative relationship with new and existing partners in Sweden and the rest of the European Union.


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