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Amundi ETF growth powers ahead in European market, joining top four largest ETF providers

Amundi ETF announces €3.8 bn of inflows in 20182, bringing total AUM to €38.6 bn. With this gain in market share, Amundi is now the fourth largest European ETF provider, having witnessed strong growth in 2018 despite challenging market conditions1…

Fannie Wurtz, Managing Director of Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta

“We were thrilled to see strong inflows in 2018, as investors continue to embrace ETFs at a healthy pace,” said Fannie Wurtz, Managing Director of Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta.

The inflows registered by Amundi ETF last year were driven not only by the launch of innovative solutions, but also by cost competitiveness, and ability to successfully serve the needs of clients with both core and specialised strategies.

The business line focused on developing bespoke solutions for institutional clients and distributors, demonstrating commitment to working in partnership with them and meeting their long-term needs.

With strong demand for core equities and fixed income strategies, Amundi captured a significant share of the European ETF market inflows (2):

30% of inflows targeting emerging market equity ETF

Close to 35% of inflows targeting European equity ETFs

25% of inflows targeting world government bond ETFs

Delivering innovative products to meet client’s needs is an integral growth driver:

A complete Socially Responsible Investing ETF range to meet the increasing demand for passive responsible solutions, including 4 equity SRI and 2 innovative corporate bond SRI ETFs3;

A thematic ETF offering exposure to the Artificial Intelligence theme, a key driver for global economic growth.

International expansion

Encouraged by the success of its UCITS franchise in Europe and Asia over the past years, Amundi ETF has pursued its international development by listing 19 flagship UCITS ETFs on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), in order to serve increasing demand for UCITS ETFs by Mexican investors.

“We continued to benefit from the ongoing shift towards passive solutions, which has been further boosted by the greater transparency brought about by MiFID II. We are confident the positive trend will continue in 2019, based on strong inflows recorded in January this year” adds Fannie Wurtz.

Looking ahead 

To continue strengthening its strong relationships with all segments of clients around the globe, Amundi ETF will continue to focus on three main pillars:

– meeting the rising demand of ETF-based solutions from distributors, as the industry adapts to MiFID II implementation; – reconciling passive investing with SRI objectives, as part of Amundi’s group-wide threeyear ESG plan, announced in October 2018, where Amundi aims to double its passive ESG assets; – expanding its UCITS ETF franchise, to address demand for a rigorous investment framework, as demonstrated by the successful launch in Mexico in 2018.

1 Source : Deutsche Bank Global ETF Annual Review – 28/01/2019

2 Source : Amundi ETF as at end 2018 – Excluding joint venture figures

3 Source : Amundi ETF – For further information on the index methodology please refer to

Source: ETFWorld

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