Amundi ETF launches Socially Responsible US Corporate Bond ETF

Amundi ETF  announces the launch of a new UCITS ETF, “Amundi Index US Corp SRI – UCITS ETF DR, designed to provide diversified USD corporate bond exposure while applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) selection filters…

The new ETF will give investors access to US Dollar denominated investment grade corporate bonds, excluding issuers involved in alcohol, tobacco, military weapons, gambling, adult entertainment, GMO and nuclear power.

It is a direct response to the growing demand for ESG criteria integration from investors who, along with being more ethically conscious, understand that ESG factors could potentially impact a company’s financial performance. 

This cost-efficient physical ETF, offered at ongoing charges of only 0.16% 3 , employs a fully transparent index methodology, tracking the Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Corporate SRI index, combined with the strength of MSCI’s ESG expertise. 

Fannie Wurtz, Managing Director at Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, commented: “This exciting expansion to Amundi’s ETF fixed income range underlines our commitment to deliver passive solutions for our clients that are in-line with their social responsibility goals. As the first asset manager to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we believe the potential of socially responsible investments will continue to grow in the future, and we are committed to offering the relevant bond and equity tools adapted to these new requirements.”


ISIN : LU1806495575

Ticker Bloomberg : UCRP FP

Ongoing charges : 0,16%

Source: ETFWorld

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