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Amundi ETF: Market Flows analysis Europe and World October2019

Amundi ETF : In October, the ETF market remained in a positive scenario across the globe, even if it was in a lower scale compared to last month inflows….

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Global Flows in October 2019

  • Total net flows: + €47 bn
  • Equities: + €24.6 bn
  • Fixed Income +€20.7 bn
  • North American Equities: +€8.6 bn

Equity ETFs saw more than +24.6bn€ of net new assets worldwide.

Following last month trend, these inflows were driven by North America stocks +8.6bn€ and World exposures +5.3bn€ of inflows.

Smart Beta and Sectors exposures also saw positive flows, with more than +4bn€, as well as Europe exposures that gathered +2.3bn€ of inflows.

Japanese equities got back to positive scenario +3bn€, while emerging equities continues to suffer outflows -597m€.

On the fixed income side, positive flows kept its pace, +20.7bn€ of net new assets. Within the asset class, this month investors favored Govies that gathered more than +7.6bn€ of net new assets followed by Aggregate bonds which raised +6.3bn€ of inflows.

European Flows this month highlights

Equities : +7 bn

Looking at European flows, World exposures lead the inflows during October, with +2bn€, followed by Eurozone ETFs +1.2bn€, meanwhile North American exposures saw lower inflows of +384€, if compared to last month.

SRI equity exposures saw great flows in October, with over +1bn€ of net new assets.

Smart beta ETFs gathered steady flows of +68m€ during the month, with inflows on Yield exposures +448m€ and Value exposures +309m€. Meanwhile multi-factor ETFs suffered -229m€ outflows.

Looking at single country exposures, the UK remained in a positive spot with +2.3bn€.

Within sectors, Financials gathered close to +500m€ of net new assets and Real Estate +300m€. While, Consumer Staples suffered outflows of -186m€.

Bonds:  +3 bn

Fixed Income flows also remained positive in Europe.

In line with what was observed at global level, Government Debt ETFs were the most popular with +2bn€ inflows. Investors preferred in particular Emerging Markets debt, which gathered +791m€ of net new assets, followed by USA Short exposures that saw more than +413m€ of inflows.

Corporate bonds attracted +955m€ of inflows. Investors keep on being exposed to Eurozone, with more than +1bn€ net new assets.

The SRI Fixed Income exposures saw +444m€ of inflows during the month in Europe.

Investors also chose Aggregate Global ETFs, which collected over +600m€.


Source: ETFWorld

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