Giappone Amundi ETF

Amundi ETF on Xetra: Japanese companies with a strong ESG profile

Amundi A new exchange-traded fund issued by Amundi has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Tuesday.

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With the Amundi MSCI Japan ESG Universal Select UCITS ETF DR (C), investors invest in large and medium-sized companies on the Japanese stock market that excel on the basis of special sustainability criteria.

For inclusion in the index, it is not only a company’s current sustainable behaviour that counts, but also the continuous improvement of its own ESG profile work.

Companies with significant business activities in the areas of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, adult entertainment, nuclear energy, weapons, and genetically modified organisms are excluded from the index.

Name Amundi MSCI Japan ESG Universal Select UCITS ETF DR (C)
Asset class Equity ETF
ISIN LU2300294746
Ongoing charges 0.15 per cent
Distribution policy Accumulating
Reference index MSCI Japan ESG Universal Select Index

Source: ETFWorld

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