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Amundi ETF on Xetra: Short-term US government bonds

Amundi ETFs : Since Tuesday a new Exchange Traded Fund from Amundi is tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt …

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The Amundi Prime US Treasury Bond 0-1 Y UCITS ETF DR – USD (C) gives investors the opportunity to invest in US dollar-denominated government bonds issued by the US Treasury.

The bonds have a remaining maturity between one and twelve months and must have an outstanding volume of at least USD 250 million.

Accruing coupon payments are reinvested. The annual costs amount to 0.05 per cent.

Name : Amundi Prime US Treasury Bond 0-1 Y UCITS ETF DR – USD (C)

Asset class : Bond ETF

ISIN : LU2182388665

Ongoing charges : 0.05 per cent

Distribution policy : Accumulating

Reference index : Solactive US Treasury 0-1 Year Bond Index

Key Features

–  Lowest cost: with ongoing charges of just 0.05%3, this is the lowest-cost Treasury 0-1Y bond ETF in Europe.

– Core exposure: offers ETF investors low-cost exposure to USD-denominated securities issued by the US Treasury with a maturity between one month and one year.

– Low-risk solution: providing reasonable return with a modest level of risk, avoiding negative interest rates for investors’ savings.


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