An ETF issuer launches three new physical Precious Metal P-ETCs: Silver, Platinum and Palladium


An ETC issuer announces the launch of three new physically-backed precious metals exchange traded products (ETPs): Source Physical Silver P-ETC, Source Physical Platinum P-ETC and Source Physical Palladium P-ETC. These will complement Source’s existing Physical Gold P-ETC, which has raised over US$ 1 billion and set new standards in security and cost effectiveness....

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      As demand for precious metals has soared, investors have been quick to adopt physically-secured ETPs as their vehicle of choice. Commenting on the launch, Source CEO Ted Hood said, “Investors look to precious metals as both an investment opportunity and a safe haven. The concept of a physical holding – and the ability to access it in times of crisis – is part of their appeal. It is important that the investment vehicle doesn’t compromise this.”
      Source precious metals P-ETCs combine the convenience and liquidity of an exchange traded product with the reassurance of physical investment. Each P-ETC is secured by physical metal held in J.P.Morgan’s London vaults. Source’s P-ETC platform also has the advantage that it can provide for physical delivery of metal. “The success of our Physical Gold P-ETC shows that investors like this approach,” added Hood.
      The new P-ETCs have a 0.39% annual fixed fee and are listed on the London Stock Exchange.
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      The addition of these new P-ETCs brings Source’s product range to 90 across equity, fixed income and commodity segments of the market. Source now has over US$8.5 BN in assets and has seen trading turnover of over US$200 BN since launch in April 2009. Source continues to focus on delivering incremental value to European ETP investors through a combination of enhanced indices, improved structuring and active trading, and is committed to delivering ETFs and ETCs with unparalleled liquidity, increased transparency and reduced counterparty risk.

      Source: ETFWorld – Source

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