Another ETF Securities Gold ETC Launched on Xetra


A further ETC (exchange traded commodity) issued by…..

      ETFS Metal Securities Limited has been tradable on Xetra® since Wednesday.

      ETC name: ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Securities
      Asset class: Commodities
      ISIN: DE000ADCTL3
      Management fee: 0.39 percent
      Benchmark: Gold PM Fixing

      The new ETC from ETFS Metal Securities Limited gives investors a further opportunity to participate in the performance of gold. The ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Securities ETC is an exchange-traded bond backed by gold physically deposited in Switzerland. The holders of this security are entitled to payment of its value in cash or in gold.

      Deutsche Börse’s ETC segment product range currently comprises 142 products. The monthly trading volume of ETCs on Xetra averages around 400 million euros.

      Source:ETFWorld – ETFSecurities

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