BNP PARIBAS Asset Management lists 13 etfs on Piazza Affari: Italy at the core of its ETF development plan

By listing the first ETF series on Piazza Affari, BNP Paribas Asset Management (BNPP AM) confirms its ambition to triple its ETF assets under management in Europe by 2020, relying strongly on Italian market potential……

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BNP Paribas Asset Management puts a strong focus on the development of its indexed management business with the listing of a first series of 13 ETFs on Borsa Italiana, to be followed by new proposals to widen the range during the year.

“BNPP AM has strong index tracking capabilities, with a 30 years’ experience. We have managed ETFs since 2005 and we built a remarkable expertise in this area”, states Marco Barbaro, CEO of BNPP IP SGR. “Italy represents one of BNPP AM core markets, with a strong local presence, and it is our intention to support the investment process of our Institutional and Retail clients with an exhaustive offer, ranging from active solutions to indexed products such as ETFs”, he adds.

The use of such instruments has improved and their assets have incredibly grown: in Europe almost 20% on a yearly basis in the last 10 years (data ETFGI as at April 2017). BNPP AM manages EUR 17 billion of indexed portfolios and has a strong ETF platform as at [Date], with 10 senior managers having more than 15 years of expertise in the field. BNPP AM has also been one of the first to launch ETFs on listed real estate market, and MSCI Ex Controversial Weapons indexes.

“The ETF one is a market segment which is growing at the fastest pace in the European asset management industry and we aim at participating actively to this growth, where Italy will play – thanks to its notable dynamism – a prominent role in our plan to triple our assets under management by 2020 and to be among the top 10 European providers”, highlights Isabelle Bourcier, Head of ETF & Indexed Fund Activities of BNPP AM.

In order to run this project, Sabrina Principi was appointed Head of ETF & Indexed Fund Activities in Italy in February and new professionals will soon join her to face the remarkable increase of ETFs in investor portfolios (pension funds, insurance companies, private banking or asset management companies, just to mention a few).

“We decided to list at once 13 ETFs of our wide range on Borsa Italiana, taking into account market relevant themes and following a continuous dialogue with our clients”, states Sabrina Principi, Head of ETF & Indexed Fund Activities in Italy.

  • Six of these ETF, currently not covered on the Italian market, are part of the category “Essential” and replicate MSCI ex Controversial Weapons indexes, since BNPP AM believes that ethical thematics will be more and more the basis of client investment choices.
  • Five other ETFs are dedicated to a particularly “hot” segment, classifiable as “Smart Beta”. They are the result of our strategic innovation process and exploit a trend which captures the overperformance through the exposure to factors such as value, quality, momentum, and low volatility.
  • The last two ETFs are part of the “Thematic” segment and provide exposure to listed real estate and infrastructure investment markets.

The 13 ETF going to be listed on Borsa Italiana starting on june 21, 2017

Six “Essential” ETF

BNP PARIBAS Easy MSCI Emerging Markets ex Controversial Weapons

BNP PARIBAS Easy MSCI EMU ex Controversial Weapons

BNP PARIBAS Easy MSCI Europe ex Controversial Weapons

BNP PARIBAS Easy MSCI Japan ex Controversial Weapons

BNP PARIBAS Easy MSCI North America ex Controversial Weapons

BNP PARIBAS Easy MSCI Pacific ex Japan ex Controversial Weapons

Five “Smart Beta” ETF

BNP PARIBAS Easy Equity Low Vol Europe

BNP PARIBAS Easy Equity Low Vol US

BNP PARIBAS Easy Equity Momentum Europe

BNP PARIBAS Easy Equity Quality Europe

BNP PARIBAS Easy Equity Value Europe

Two “Thematic” ETF


BNP PARIBAS Easy NMX 30 Infrastructure Global

*Sub-fund of the BNP PARIBAS EASY UCITS V SICAV registered under Luxembourg law


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