Changes to the Index Rules of SIX Swiss Exchange into force as of 1 July 2011

Switzerland 47

The Management Committee of SIX Swiss Exchange has, at the recommendation of the Index Commission, decided to revise the rules governing the SMI and SPI Index Families as well as those for the SLI Swiss Leader Index. The amendments take into account the changed market environment and ensure the acceptance and quality of the Swiss blue chip and benchmark indices. The revised Index Rules will enter into force on 1 July 2011....


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With this revision of the Index Rules it can be ensured that large-cap companies, whose shares have a primary listing on several exchanges and less than 50% of their total turnover is generated on SIX Swiss Exchange, have sufficient liquidity to qualify for acceptance into the blue chip indices SMI, SMI Mid and SLI Swiss Leader Index.

At the same time, the size allocation (Small, Mid, Large) for the sub-indices of the SPI Family will now be determined exclusively on the basis of market capitalization. This prevents large-cap companies, which otherwise do not fulfill the liquidity criteria for acceptance in the SMI, from being allocated to the Mid Cap Segment and hence included in the SPI EXTRA®.

Further details on the adjustments can be found in the following table:

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The revised Index Rules will enter into force on 1 July 2011 and form the basis  for any index adjustments made in connection with the ordinary index review in  September 2011.

Source: ETFWorld – SIX

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