db x-trackers II GLOBAL SOVEREIGN UCITS ETF : Important Notice to Shareholders

db x-trackers II inform that the changes have been effected in relation to the Sub-Fund….

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Hence, from the date hereof:

– the Sub-Fund will follow a Direct Investment Policy with Optimised Index Replication;

– Deutsche Asset Management Investment GmbH will act as the Investment Manager of the Sub-Fund, and will sub-delegate certain portfolio management functions to Deutsche Asset Management (UK) Limited;

– The Reference Index of the Sub-Fund changed to the Citi World Government Bond Index – Developed Markets;

– the Sub-Fund has changed its name to db x-trackers II GLOBAL GOVERNMENT BOND UCITS ETF (DR);

– the Management Company Fee for the share class 5C (LU0908508731) of this SubFund decreased from “up to 0.15% p.a.” to “up to 0.10% p.a.” and, as a result, the All-In Fee applicable to the share class 5C (LU0908508731) of this Sub-Fund decreased from “up to 0.25% p.a.” to “up to 0.20% p.a.”.



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