Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management launches USD corporate bond ETF

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management has launched an ETF that provides exposure to the US dollar-denominated liquid corporate bond market…

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db x-trackers Barclays USD Corporate Bond UCITS ETF (DR)* tracks the Barclays USD Liquid Investment Grade Corporate Index. The index comprises almost 1,500 bonds2, over 80% of which have been issued by US-domiciled companies. The ETF has listed on the Deutsche Börse and will shortly list on the London Stock Exchange.

The average credit rating of bonds in the index is investment grade (i.e. at least Baa3 from Moody’s, BBB from Fitch Ratings, or BBB- from Standard & Poor’s), while the current index yield is 3.69%3.

“With yields on many short maturity major government bonds now in negative territory, which means investors are effectively paying to own these bonds, there is a demand for fixed income exposure that generates a reasonable yield. Our new US dollar corporate bond ETF helps meet that demand,” comments Michael Mohr, head of exchange-traded product development, EMEA, at Deutsche AWM.

The ETF is physically replicating and has an All-in Fee of 0.2% per annum.

By the end of August this year fixed income ETFs globally had generated almost USD 52.8 billion in inflows year-to-date4.

Deutsche AWM has a large suite of fixed income ETFs, including the db x-trackers Barclays Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF**, which tracks the global market for government, governmental, supranational, corporate, asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities across the full spectrum of maturities and the investment-grade credit rating range. The ETF launched in March 2014 and has EUR 500 million in assets under management5.


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