Dividend dates for several ETF


This information is only applicable to XACT OMXSB, XACT OMXS30 and XACT Norden 30...

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    7 June 2011, The details of the dividends are made public

    8 June 2011, Last day to trade fund units including the right to receive dividend

    9 June 2011, Ex-dividend – the fund units are traded ex dividend

    16 June 2011, Payment day for XACT OMXS30 and XACT OMXSB.

    20 June 2011, Payment day for XACT Norden 30.

    To receive a dividend you must own fund units when the market closes on the 8th June 2011. The last day to buy fund units and still receive a dividend is hence the 8th June. You can then sell your fund units the following day and still receive dividend.

    If you don’t wish to receive a dividend you must sell your fund units by the 8th June 2011. You can then buy fund units again the following day (9th June) without receiving a dividend.

    Why do the funds pay dividends?
    As most other Swedish funds, the funds pay a dividend to avoid double taxation.

    What happens on the ex day?
    All else being equal, the price of a fund unit will decrease with the exact same amount as the dividend per fund unit.

    Why is not a dividend forecast provided?
    The size of the dividend is based on the funds taxable result. The total dividend amount is divided with the number of outstanding units. Since the number of outstanding units can change daily, a forecast cannot be provided.

    Source: ETFWorld – XACT

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