DWS Xtrackers : New EM Equity ETF on LSE

DWS Xtrackers : A new Emerging Markets Equity ETF on London Stock Exhange

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Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF 1D is  passively  managed.  The  aim  is  for  your  investment  to reflect  the  performance,  before  fees  and  expenses,  of  the  MSCI Total Return Net Emerging Markets Index which is designed to  reflect  the  performance  of  the  shares  of  certain  companies  in global  emerging  market  countries  as  determined  by  MSCI.

The companies comprising the index are large and medium sized companies  based  on  the  combined  value  of  a  company’s  readily available  shares  as  compared  to  other  companies.

A  company’s weighting in the index depends on its relative size.

The index aims to  represent  85%  of  the  readily  available  shares  in  each  industry sector in the global emerging markets. The underlying constituents of the index are listed in multiple currencies.

The index is calculated on  a  total  return  net  basis  which  means  that  all  dividends  and distributions  by  the  companies  are  reinvested  in  the  shares  after tax.

The index is reviewed and rebalanced on a quarterly basis and may also be rebalanced at other times in order to reflect corporate activity such as mergers and acquisitions.

The index is calculated in US  Dollars  on  a  daily  basis.

To  achieve  the  aim,  the  fund  will attempt to replicate the index, before fees and expenses, by buying a  portfolio  of  securities  that  may  comprise  the  constituents  of  the index or other unrelated investments as determined by DWS entities.

The fund may also engage in secured lending of its investments  to  certain  eligible  third  parties  to  generate  additional income  to  offset  the  costs  of  the  fund.

These  techniques  and instruments may include the use of derivatives.

The currency of the fund is USD.  The fund distributes up to four times per annum.

Name Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF 1D
Sedol BPBMK65
On-going charges 0.18 per cent
Currency USD
Reference index MSCI Total Return Net Emerging Markets Index


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