DWS Xtrackers : New ETF on LSE

DWS Xtrackers : A new ETF on London Stock Exhange: access to 500 largest US companies with currency hedging

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A new exchange-traded fund issued by Xtrackers has been tradable on London Stock Exchange

Xtrackers S&P 500 Swap UCITS ETF is  passively  managed.  The  aim  is  for  your  investment  to reflect  the  performance  of  the  S&P  500  Index  which  is designed  to  reflect  the  performance  of  shares  of  500  companies representing  all  major  US  industries,  while  seeking  to  minimise foreign currency fluctuations at share class level.

The index contains  shares  of  large  companies  traded  on  certain  eligible  US exchanges. 

A  company’s  weighting  in  the  index  depends  on  its relative  size  based  on  the  combined  value  of  a  company’s  readily available  shares  as  compared  to  other  companies  on  the  stock markets.  The  index  is  administered  by  Standard  &  Poor’s.

The index is calculated on a total return net basis which means that all dividends  and  distributions  by  the  companies  are  reinvested  in  the shares  after  tax. 

To  achieve  the  aim,  the  fund  will  i)  invest  in transferable securities and enter into financial contracts (derivatives) with one or more swap counterparties relating to transferable  securities  and  the  index,  in  order  to  obtain  the  return on the index, and ii) enter into financial contracts (derivatives) which attempt  to  reduce  the  effect  of  exchange  rate  fluctuations  between the  currency  of  the  index  components  and  the  currency  of  your shares.

The fund may employ techniques and instruments in order to manage risk, reduce costs and improve results. These techniques and instruments may include the use of financial contracts  (derivatives). 

The  currency  of  the  fund  is  USD.

Returns and  gains  are  not  distributed  but  are  reinvested  in  the  fund.

Name Xtrackers S&P 500 Swap UCITS ETF
ISIN LU2196473016
Sedol BNHX4W2
On-going charges 0.20 per cent
Currency GBP
Reference index S&P 500 Index


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