EDHEC Risk’s 10th European ETF & Smart Beta Survey

The EDHEC-Risk Institute has announced the results of the 10th  EDHEC European ETF and Smart Beta Survey, a comprehensive survey of 211 European ETF and Smart Beta investors, conducted as part of the Amundi research chair at EDHEC-Risk Institute on “ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta Investment Strategies”….

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Publication of the EDHEC-Risk’s 10th European ETF and Smart Beta Survey

Key findings to the latest survey:

A growing use of ETFs

ETFs make up an increasing proportion of portfolio holdings across Equity and Fixed Income

In 2006, 45% of respondents used ETFs to invest in Equities compared to 91% in 2016

In 2006, 10% of respondents used ETFs to invest in Fixed Income compared to 65% in 2016

About two thirds of respondents (67%) use ETF to invest in Smart Beta in 2016, a considerable increase compared to 49% in 2014

Quantitative & Qualitative criteria guide ETF investors in their allocation choices

When choosing an ETF provider, investors look carefully at Cost, Quality and Long Term commitment

63% of respondents plan to increase adoption of ETFs with main goal to lower costs

Investors expect ETFs to be further developed in the Equity (asset class) and in the Smart Beta field to get exposure to mono and multi factor indices

How investors choose and use Smart Beta solutions

Investors use Smart Beta strategies with 2 main objectives: improve performance and manage risks

Liquidity, index construction methodology and transaction costs are decisive when assessing SB solutions

64 % of respondents invest in Smart beta passive solutions for Cost and Transparency reasons

44% of respondents invest in Smart Beta active solutions to benefit from the Reactivity and Dynamism they allow

Significant Smart Beta development perspectives 

94% of respondents want to increase the use of Smart Beta strategies over the next 3 years

Investors wish further development in the Smart Beta Fixed Income field and in Alternative and customized solutions



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