Lyxor ETF

ETF active Smart Cash listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange

ETF Lyxor Smart Cash UCITS – GBP aims to achieve short-term returns above the Sonia reference rate with extremely low volatility. ….

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The actively managed fund invests in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments and repurchase agreements, in a context of risk and liquidity monitoring.

The Sonia rate is an effective overnight interest rate, calculated as the weighted average of all overnight interbank asset transactions in the interbank sterling market.

Market Makers: Flow Traders B.V., Société Générale.

Name Lyxor Smart Cash – UCITS ETF C-GBP
ISIN Code : LU1230136894
Symbol :  LYSMG
Fund currency : EUR
Trading currency : GBP
Bloomberg Ticker : LYSMG SE
Reuters Ticker : LYSMG.S
Reference Index : N/A
TER 0.050%



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