Deutsche AWM: European Monthly ETF Market Review

Global ETP Market In and Outflows: Despite volatile market conditions over the past month, the global ETP industry recorded high inflows. After net inflows of virtually US dollar 21.2 billion in August, the September figure was US dollar 34.4 billion. The industry now manages US Dollar 2.7 trillion…

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– The American ETP market had another strong month. Following US dollar 1.5 billion in August, net inflows during September increased to almost US dollar 20 billion. More than one half of this figure, US dollar 10.9 billion, was secured by Equity ETFs. Considerable inflows for ETFs on European equity indices continued amounting to US dollar 1.3 billion. As such these inflows total more than US dollar 30.1 billion since the start of the year. In September Bond ETFs listed on the American market registered inflows of US dollar 9.6 billion. By contrast, Commodity ETP investors withdrew US dollar 0.4 billion. Since the beginning of the year, US ETP inflows total US dollar 144 billion.

– Similarly, the Asian ETP market had a strong month with net inflows of US dollar 12.3 billion. In this region, Equity ETFs attracted net inflows of US dollar 7.5 billion and almost US dollar five billion for Bond ETFs.

European ETF Market In and Outflows


– Following net inflows totaling euro 9.7 billion in August, net inflows registered by the European ETF market in September fell to euro 1.9 billion. In total, the European ETF industry currently manages euro 413 billion.

– The bulk of ETF net inflows at euro 1.5 billion was directed to the equity market. However, the previous month inflows had amounted to euro 7.4 billion. Once again, Equity ETFs on industrialized markets were particularly popular with these securing euro 1.3 billion net. The clear favorite continued to be the European equity market and as such ETFs on broad European equity indices attracted euro 1.6 billion during September. Since the start of the year, inflows in this segment total euro 20 billion.

– By contrast, investors in Emerging Markets ETFs withdrew more than euro 0.2 billion net. Similarly ETFs on the Japanese equity market were on the losing side with investors withdrawing in September to the tune of euro 0.7 billion.

– At a sector level, there were clear divergences in September. While investors withdrew money from the consumer-related arena and healthcare, ETFs on the financial and energy sectors were in demand. Both of these registered net inflows of some euro 0.2 billion.

– ETFs that pursue quantitative strategies also recorded net inflows amounting to almost euro 0.4 billion. Value ETFs registered inflows amounting to euro 0.14 billion.


– Bond ETFs continued their positive trend from previous months. Following net inflows amounting to euro 2.4 billion in August, these products registered euro 0.7 billion in September.

– Within the Bond segment, the highest inflows were registered by ETFs focused on Investment Grade bonds attracting euro 1.1 billion in September. By contrast, for the second month in succession, high-yield papers experienced outflows of euro 0.4 billion. Since the beginning of 2015, ETF investors have demonstrated a clear preference for Investment Grade over High-Yield. Investment Grade papers recorded euro 17.5 billion 2015 year to date, yet High-Yield papers attracted only euro 3.3 billion.


– After inflows approaching euro 0.4 billion in August, Commodities ETPs registered outflows totaling euro 0.25 billion in September.

– The highest outflows were observed in Gold products with investors withdrawing euro 0.2 billion net (page 1, 28).

Most Popular Indices

– The most popular equity indices with investors in September included broadly diversified indices on the European market, such as the EuroStoxx 50 and the STOXX 600. In addition, ETFs on the Dax, the US energy sector, the S&P 500 as well as the MSCI World were all in demand .  

– For Bonds, investors focused particularly on ETFs on sovereign bonds, most especially those with shorter remaining maturities. In addition, the db x-trackers II EONIA TR Index UCITS ETF was one of the most popular ETFs during the past month.



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