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Extraordinary inclusion of Weatherford International Ltd in the SLI Swiss Leader Index

The Management Committee of SIX Swiss Exchange has ruled in favor of the extraordinary inclusion of Weatherford International Ltd in the SLI Swiss Leader Index....


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Based on its order book turnover and average market capitalization during the months of December, January and February, the company ranked No. 18. Required for inclusion in the SMI was a ranking of at least15th and for inclusion in the SLI at least 20th

Due to the fixed number of index components, the registered shares of Petroplus Holding Ltd will be dropped from the SLI.

These index changes will be made after the close of trading on 18 March 2011 and enter into force as of 21 March 2011. The following table provides an  overview of the impending extraordinary index changes:

SLI: Weatherford International  N – CH0038838394
SPI ex SLI: Petroplus N – CH0027752242

SLI:  Petroplus N – CH0027752242

Source: ETFWorld – SIX

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