Five new db x-trackers ETFs launched on Xetra

ETFs provide access to strategy approaches of Deutsche Bank and stock corporations from the real estate sector…

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Five new db x-trackers from the ETF section of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management have been tradable in the XTF segment on Xetra since Monday.

Four of the new db x-trackers track the performance of high and mid-cap stock corporations from 31 industrialised nations included in the MSCI World Index. Each individual stock is weighted on the basis of the relevant Deutsche Bank strategy approach:

The db x-trackers Equity Low Beta Factor UCITS ETF (DR) uses the low-beta strategy. This involves overweighting of companies with a low beta factor and underweighting of those with a high beta factor. The beta factor measures the volatility of equities as compared to the market as a whole.

The db x-trackers Equity Quality Factor UCITS ETF (DR) uses the quality-based strategy. Companies are weighted in line with their earnings quality, which is determined in the form of a “quality score”, based on return on assets and accumulated amounts. Companies with a higher quality score are overweighted and those with a lower quality score are underweighted.

The x-trackers Equity Value Factor UCITS ETF (DR) provides investors with access to the value-based investment strategy. This strategy calculates the “value score” for each equity based on operating earnings yield and dividend yield. The operating earnings yield measures the ratio of operating earnings to the value of the company; the lower a company is valued compared to its earnings, the higher its operating earnings yield. Companies with a higher value score are overweighted and those with a lower value score are underweighted.

The db x-trackers Equity Momentum Factor UCITS ETF (DR) is based on the momentum strategy. Momentum measures the strength of a share price movement; the “momentum score” so determined per share reflects the share price performance and distributed dividends. The objective is to overweight equities with a higher momentum score and underweight those with a lower momentum score.

Investors can also participate in the FTSE Developed Europe Ex UK Index UCITS ETF (DR). The reference index tracks the performance of European stock corporations from the real estate sector, excluding those based in the UK.

The product offering in Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,040 exchange traded funds. This selection, together with an average monthly trading volume of around €10 billion, makes Xetra Europe’s leading trading venue for ETFs.