France: Amundi ETF launches an innovative ETF tracking the TOPIX Euro Daily Hedged strategy index

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Amundi ETF has launched an innovative product designed for investors seeking to take positions on the Japanese equity market, while benefiting from daily currency hedging, on NYSE Euronext in Paris…..



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    An unprecedented* ETF in Europe:  Amundi ETF TOPIX Euro Daily Hedged

    ISIN Code: FR0011314277

    TER: 0.48%

    Currency: Eur

    This new ETF offers investors a solution in a context of volatile international markets and uncertainty over the euro/yen exchange rate. Based on the TOPIX Euro Daily Hedged strategy index (Total Return), it combines exposure to Japanese equities with daily euro/yen currency hedging. This ETF has a TER** of only 0.48%

    Daily currency hedging

    This ETF benefits from hedging against currency risk, which is managed and adjusted daily within the TOPIX Total Return Euro Daily Hedged strategy index through the use of forward contracts expiring at the end of each current month.
    This daily readjustment reduces the influence of exchange rate volatility through the optimisation of the currency hedge.

    Valérie Baudson, Managing Director of Amundi ETF comments: “Following the success of our ETF launched in 2011 tracking the S&P 500 EUR Daily Hedged strategy index, we wanted to offer investors the same innovative currency hedging solution but this time on the TOPIX, the main Japanese equity market index”.

    Amundi ETF’s positive momentum continued in 2012 with €1bn*** of net new assets raised in the year to-date. Its extensive range of more than 100 ETFs, including some highly innovative products, offers European investors a toolbox for their asset allocation needs. of future results. Returns may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations.

    *At the time of the fund’s admission to trading on the NYSE Euronext in Paris

    **TER: Total Expense Ratio or ongoing charges – annual, all taxes included. For Amundi ETF funds, the ongoing charges correspond to the Total Expense Ratio. The ongoing charges represent the charges taken from the fund over a year. When the fund has not closed its accounts for the first time, the ongoing charges are estimated. The TER is a measure that compares the annual total management and operating costs (all taxes included) charged to a fund against the value of that fund’s assets.

    ***Source Deutsche Bank Industry Report – October 2012


    UBS gives investors a new and interesting access to Gold
    Listed today on the SIX Swiss Exchange
    Gold is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of the latest round of liquidity measures launched by the central banks. Therefore, UBS has listed a new Gold ETF on the Swiss stock exchange which gives UCITS compliant investors the possibility to invest in Gold. The UBS-IS Gold ETF (USD) IX is tradeable in US dollars and euros as of now.
    The newly-launched UBS-IS Gold ETF (USD) IX, while not allowing the option of redemption in kind, offers cost-effective access to gold for those investors who are obliged to invest in accordance with the European UCITS directives. To enable them to invest in gold while complying with the restrictions imposed on them, the new asset class “IX” has been created, with – in contrast to the other UBS Gold ETFs – the physical delivery of gold being deliberately prohibited.
    The new ETF’s total annual costs (TER), at 0.3%, are impressive, and make it the best-value ETF of this type on the Swiss market. Where tradeability is concerned, too, UBS has taken account of investors’ needs: Although performance, as before, is based on the London Gold Fixing afternoon price in US dollars, the new Gold ETF can be traded not only in US dollars but also in euros.
    As Thomas Merz, UBS Head of ETF Switzerland and Liechtenstein comments: “Many investors have again become interested in gold as a component in their portfolios. They expect the price of the precious metal to make it especially profitable in a market environment like today’s, with its low real interest rates and high liquidity. The UBS ETF now offers investors subject to UCITS, too, the opportunity to participate directly and simply in the performance of the price for physical gold.“
    The new UBS ETF on the SIX:
    Fund name TER Valor/
    UBS-IS Gold ETF (USD) IX 0,30% 19 049 528

    UBS already offers ETFs on gold in US dollars and in currency-hedged versions in Swiss francs and euros, which can be traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange. There are two share classes available: the “A” share class is geared toward private clients, while the “I” share class addresses the needs of institutional investors and high net worth individuals.