Franklin Templeton Investments ADDS multi-factor emerging markets UCITS etf to Franklin libertysharesTM SUITE

The Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF will be fifth smart beta ETF fund in Franklin LibertySharesTM range….

Patrick O’Connor, head of Global ETFs

Franklin Templeton Investments (1) introduced the Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF (2), the fifth ETF to be added to its Franklin LibertySharesTM Smart Beta UCITS ETF3 suite. The new ETF is listed on the Deutsche Börse (DB) and London Stock Exchange (LSE).

The fund aims to provide higher risk-adjusted returns and lower volatility over the longer-term than its investment universe, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. The ETF tracks the LibertyQ Emerging Markets Index, an in-house designed index constructed through a unique approach to weighting four factors – quality, value, momentum and low volatility. The fund is the first emerging markets UCITS smart beta ETF in Europe to incorporate all four of these investment factors4. It targets high quality emerging market stocks, attractively valued using momentum to identify investment trends and avoid value traps and low volatility to provide a defensive measure against downturns.

Patrick O’Connor, head of Global ETFs, said: “We believe emerging markets offer some of the most compelling opportunities available in equity markets today and many investors are looking for a lower risk option of accessing the sector. A multi-factor screened approach can help to identify attractive opportunities within emerging markets, while providing diversification among investment factors, resulting in a potentially less volatile return profile.”

“We are very excited to announce the addition of a fifth ETF to our Franklin LibertySharesTM Smart Beta UCITS ETF range, the Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF. We believe in giving our clients freedom of choice and options in their investment decisions, hence we called our range ‘Liberty’. We think this new strategy can be utilised as a strategic and long-term allocation for those investors looking for an alternative way of accessing emerging markets as part of their diversified portfolio.” Vivek Kudva, head of EMEA and India, Franklin Templeton Investments added.  

The Franklin LibertyQ UCITS Smart Beta ETF range3 now consists of five funds including three multi-factor equity funds which have a specific focus on quality stocks:

  •  Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF (new)
  •  Franklin LibertyQ Global Equity SRI UCITS ETF
  •  Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Equity UCITS ETF

 And two income focused funds which invest in stocks demonstrating high and persistent dividend income:

  •  Franklin LibertyQ Global Dividend UCITS ETF
  •  Franklin LibertyQ European Dividend UCITS ETF

The Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF began trading on the Deutsche Börse on Wednesday 18th October denominated in Euros and on the LSE today, 19th October denominated in GBP, as well as their respective base fund currency.


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  1. Franklin Resources, Inc. is a global investment management organization operating as Franklin Templeton Investments.  Franklin Templeton Investments provides global and domestic investment management to retail, institutional and sovereign wealth clients in over 150 countries. Through specialized teams, the company has expertise across all asset classes—including equity, fixed income, alternative and custom solutions.  The company’s more than 600 investment professionals are supported by its integrated, worldwide team of risk management professionals and global trading desk network.  With offices in 33 countries, the California–based company has more than 70 years of investment experience and approximately $753 billion in assets under management as at 30 September 2017.
  2. The LibertyQ Emerging Markets) Index is a systematic, rules-based proprietary index that is owned and calculated by MSCI Inc. (MSCI) based on the MSCI Emerging Markets Index that aims to reflect the performance of Franklin Templeton’s strategy. The Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF is not sponsored, endorsed, issued, sold or promoted by, or affiliated with, MSCI. MSCI does not make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in the Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF.
  3. The Franklin LibertyQ UCITS ETFs are sub-funds of the Franklin LibertyShares ICAV, an Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle, incorporated under the laws of Ireland.
  4. As of 19th October 2017


Source: ETFWorld

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