FTSE Group Launches Physical Industrial Metals Index Series


FTSE Group, and Dubai International Financial Centre Investments (DIFCI), through its wholly owned subsidiary Global Commodity Finance, together with Merit Commodity Partners AG, today announced the launch of the FTSE Physical Industrial Metals Index Series (PIMI). This index series is the world’s first investible, Shariah compliant physical industrial metals index series, providing investors with a means of researching, benchmarking, and managing exposure to some of the world’s most widely used industrial metals….

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The FTSE Physical Industrial Metals Index Series is launched against a backdrop of growing investor interest in the metals asset class as continued emerging market development and government investment in infrastructure fuels global consumption. The FTSE Physical Industrial Metals Index Series comprises four individual indices, covering aluminium, copper, zinc and nickel, as well as a benchmark index containing all four metals, giving investors the flexibility to tailor their metals exposure in accordance with investment objectives.


The FTSE Physical Industrial Metals Index Series provides investors with tools to hedge against future supply constraints and which provide the security and reassurance of physical asset ownership. Additionally, the index series has been designed to expand the range of investment and diversification opportunities open to investors who are seeking Shariah compliant products, and provide a liquid, transparent solution for investors who wish to gain industrial metals exposure.

Source: ETFWorld – FTSE Group (“FTSE”)

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