FTSE licences FTSE 100 Index to National Stock Exchange of India Limited for launch of FTSE 100 futures and options


FTSE Group (“FTSE”), announce a new partnership resulting in the licensing of futures and options based on the world renowned FTSE… 


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100 Index. The licensing will see the exchange launching the new product on the 3rd May, following recent regulatory approval granted by the Indian regulator.

For the first time, Indian investors will gain access to the UK equity market through new rupee-denominated derivative contracts based on one of FTSE’s headline indices. The new contracts will be tradable by all equity derivatives members of the NSE through existing infrastructure, with no additional investment required.

The introduction of derivatives products based on the popular FTSE 100 Index will enable Indian investors to hedge and gain exposure to the top 100 constituents listed on the main market of London Stock Exchange (by market capitalisation). The move spearheaded by London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), FTSE and NSE, signifies FTSE’s global reach and the NSE’s commitment to further develop the Indian securities market, in which it plays an influential role.

Source: ETFWorld – FTSE