HANetf lists an ETF on LSE

HANetf Cleaner Living ESG-S UCITS ETF ‘DTOX’ is focused on companies with an emphasis on providing a heathier lifestyle and environmentally low-impact goods and services.

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This fund seeks to benefit from a broad range of products and services benefitting from the accelerating structural shift in consumer spending towards cleaner and more environmentally friendly solutions.

DTOX offers exposures across 5 segments; Cleaner Food & Dining, Cleaner Health & Beauty, Cleaner Building & Infrastructure, Cleaner Transportation, and Cleaner Energy


A mainstream trend

Cleaner Living has increasingly moved into the mainstream in recent years as consumers become increasingly conscious of the ingredients and materials used in the foods they eat and the products they consume. Demand for cleaner products and solutions is evident in almost every aspect of everyday life – when at the supermarket, when purchasing new appliances, new product introductions, and corporate M&A activity.

ESG Screen and Article 8 ETF

The DTOX cleaner living ETF has an ESG screen of its constituents to provide adherence to international standards concerning environmental protection, human rights, labour practices, anti-corruption, and controversial weapons development. DTOX qualifies as an Article 8 product under the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

High purity

The fund is created using Tematica’s Thematic Scorecard, ensuring a high level of purity with constituents deriving 80+% of their revenue or earnings from the structural change powering cleaner living.

Below is the Tables with the relevant data:

Product Name Cleaner Living ESG-S UCITS ETF
Underlying Tematica Bita Cleaner Living Sustainability Screened Index
Management Fee 0.59%


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