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Horizons ETFs lists budget-friendly US Large Cap ETF dedicated to Canadian Investors

Horizons ETFs lists budget-friendly US Large Cap ETF dedicated to Canadian Investors – Lower Fees possible due to Solactive….

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Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive

The US stock market keeps its attractiveness for contemporary investors. In 2019, Solactive’s US Large Cap benchmark Index returned a record figure of 31.56% while sustaining a reasonable risk-profile alongside enjoying average volatility and low maximum drawdowns.

Canadian Asset Manager Horizons ETFs now issued a US-centered ETF tailored to Canadian Investors, who want to participate in the development of the US market at a low cost.

With the Horizons US Large Cap Index ETF, Horizons ETFs creates an economically practical investment solution for Canadian investors to invest in their neighboring country’s largest enterprises.

Solactive’s US Large Cap Index (CA NTR) serves as the underlying of Horizon ETFs’ new delivery. The index comprises 500 US stocks with the highest float-adjusted market capitalization.

In addition to the standard return versions of the index, Solactive has created a new set of net total return indices that reflect dividend reinvestments from the perspective of a Canadian investor.

Also, the ETF maintains a low management fee and, due to the absence of swap fees, remains an economically beneficial cost structure for Canadian investors.

 “Our index setup for Horizons ETFs demonstrates our flexibility in creating benchmarks that incorporate a multitude of regulatory and functional requirements,” comments Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive. ”Working with Horizons ETFs was, yet again, very straightforward, and we are looking forward to future collaboration.”

 “Once again, we are proud to partner with Solactive on another exciting ETF – HULC – and provide investors with low-cost exposure to market-leading US large-capitalization companies through the Solactive US Large Cap CAD Index,” said Steve Hawkins, President and CEO of Horizons ETFs.

“With a management fee of 0.08% and no swap fee, HULC has the potential to be cost-effective and operationally efficient for all types of investment accounts, and will still offer the benefit of our unique total return structure for taxable accounts since it is not currently expected to pay any distributions.”

The Horizons US Large Cap Index ETF started trading on the 5th of February on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).


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