Inflows into ETCs as investors bet on rising oil prices

ETF Securities Limited (ETFS), has seen continued strong inflows into ETCs …





  Last week was the fifth consecutive week of inflows into ETCs, with $323 million flowing into a range of ETCs including precious metals, energy and industrial metals. This included $403 million into long ETCs including Classic, Forward and Leveraged ETCs and outflows of $80 million from Short ETCs. The inflows are a result of more positive investor sentiment. In addition, the collateralisation of the full value of over 120 ETCs has significantly reduced the credit exposure of ETCs issued by ETFS Commodity Securities Limited.

Oil inflows continue to be strong. Combined flows into ETFS Crude Oil (CRUD), ETFS Brent (OILB), ETFS WTI (OILW) and ETFS Leveraged Crude Oil (LOIL) rose by $61 million last week, the 7th consecutive weekly increase. Inflows into long oil ETCs have now risen by $218 million over the past five weeks, reversing the strong outflows during August and September. ETFS Short Crude Oil (SOIL) recorded its eighth of the past nine weeks with outflows, indicating a more positive outlook since oil prices moved into the $40 to $50 per barrel range. This is in contrast to only a few months ago when oil prices peaked at around $147 per barrel and ETFS Short Crude Oil (SOIL) was the most highly traded ETC and ETF on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). – ETFSecuritie




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