Invesco lists 1 Physical Gold GBP Hedged ETC

Invesco lists 1 Physical Gold GBP Hedged ETC. The Invesco Physical Gold GBP Hedged ETC aims to provide the performance of the spot gold price hedged into GBP, less fees. Each Gold ETC is a certificate which is secured by gold bullion held in J.P. Morgan Chase Bank’s London vaults …

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The issuer of the certificates, Invesco Physical Markets PLC (Invesco PMP), is an Irish-domiciled company administered by J.P. Morgan Administration Services (Ireland) Limited.

The investment return is achieved by holding gold bullion, which is valued daily at the London PM auction price.

The ETC uses a hedging mechanism which is designed to reduce the exposure of the underlying precious metal (and hence the relevant certificates) to exchange rate fluctuations between US dollars and the currency in which the ETC is denominated.

Gold bullion equal to at least the full value of the certificates will be held in an allocated account in the name of the issuer. The mark-to-market of the hedging mechanism is realised daily through the purchase or sale of physical gold to ensure the structure remains fully invested in gold.

Invesco ETCs are exchange traded certificates and not funds or exchange traded funds.

Market: London Stock Exchange

Product Name


ISIN XS2183935605
Symbol SGLS
Issuer Invesco
Fund Currency USD
Trading Currency GBP
Bloomberg Ticker SGLS LN
Reuters Ticker SGLS.L
reference Index LBMA Gold Price PM
Fixed Fee 0.19%
FX Hedge Fee 0.25%

Source: ETFWorld

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