JP Morgan ETF

J.P. Morgan ETF on Xetra: Companies with reduced carbon dioxide emissions worldwide

J.P. Morgan ETF on Xetra: Since Wednesday a new exchange traded fund issued by J.P. Morgan is tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

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The JPM Carbon Transition Global Equity UCITS ETF – USD (acc) enables investors to invest in large and medium-sized companies from industrialised nations around the world, which contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

The aim is to adhere to the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement and thus promote a sustainable economic system.

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions by means of energy-saving buildings or sustainable water and waste management, the risks of possible natural disasters and the prevention of environmental disasters are also used for assessment.

Companies associated with weapons are excluded from the index.

Name : JPM Carbon Transition Global Equity UCITS ETF – USD (acc)

Asset class : Equity ETF


Ongoing charges : 0.19 per cent

Distribution policy : Accumulating

Reference index : JPMorgan Asset Management Carbon Transition Global Equity Index


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