JP Morgan ETF

JP Morgan ETF list one ETF on LSE

JP Morgan ETF list JPM USD Corporate Bond Research Enhanced Index UCITS ETF – USD (dist) on London Stock Exchange

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Investment Objective:

The Sub-Fund aims to achieve a long-term return in excess of Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate Bond Index by actively investing primarily in a portfolio of investment grade US Dollar denominated corporate debt securities.

Investment Policy:

The Sub-Fund pursues an actively-managed investment strategy.

The Sub-Fund aims to invest at least 67% of its assets (excluding assets held for ancillary liquidity purposes) in investment grade USD-denominated corporate debt securities. Issuers of these securities may be located in any country, including emerging markets. However, the majority of the Sub-Fund’s assets will be invested in securities issued by companies that are domiciled in, or carrying out the main part of their activity, in the US.

The risk characteristics of the portfolio of securities held by the Sub-Fund, such as volatility levels and duration, will be broadly equivalent to the risk characteristics of the Benchmark while offering potential for excess returns.

The Investment Manager aims to outperform the Benchmark over the long-term. The Benchmark consists of investment grade, fixed rate debt securities of varying maturity, issued by issuers globally (“Benchmark Securities”). The Benchmark has been included as a point of reference against which the performance of the Sub-Fund may be measured. The Sub-Fund will bear a close resemblance to its Benchmark.

The Sub-Fund will not seek to track the performance of or replicate the Benchmark, rather the Sub-Fund will hold a portfolio of fixed income securities (which may include but will not be limited to Benchmark Securities) which are actively selected and managed with the aim of delivering an investment performance which exceeds that of the Benchmark over the long-term. In order to seek to achieve this, the Investment Manager may overweight the securities which it considers to have the highest potential to outperform the Benchmark and underweight or not invest at all in securities which the Investment Manager considers most overvalued.

The Sub-Fund may, for efficient portfolio management purposes, use financial derivative instruments.

USD is the base currency of the Sub-Fund.

Benchmark: Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate Bond Index.

Distribution Policy: This Share Class will normally pay dividends.

Product Table

Name of ETF SEDOL ISIN Listing Currency Annual all-in fee (%)
JPMorgan ETFs (Ireland) ICAV – USD Corporate Bond Research Enhanced Index UCITS ETF BMF29G3 IE00BN4RDY28 USD 0.19
JPMorgan ETFs (Ireland) ICAV – USD Corporate Bond Research Enhanced Index UCITS ETF BMF29H4 IE00BN4RDY28 GBP 0.19


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