Key figures SIX Swiss Exchange and Scoach Switzerland: June 2011

The total number of trades on SIX Swiss Exchange was up 2.3% year-on-year in the
first half of 2011. The segments with the strongest growth were ETFs (+30.8%) and Bonds CHF (+6.9%). The Equities including Funds, ETSFs and ETPs segment also saw an increase in trading activity, with the total number of trades rising by 2.2% to 17,125,875…..

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            Total turnover across all segments fell by 7.0% in the first half of 2011 to CHF 607.2 billion. This was due to the volumes in the segments Equities including Funds, ETSFs and ETPs (-12.7%) and International bonds (-32.1%), the latter being the smallest segment in terms of turnover. The picture was different as regards turnover in the segments Structured Products and Warrants (+42.8%), Bonds CHF (+3.3%) and ETFs (+22.9%).
            Some 2,830,982 securities trades with an overall volume of CHF 89.3 billion were executed in June 2011. The positive trend seen in previous months thus failed to continue, with the number of trades falling by 10.4% and turnover by 13.2%. In the Equities including Funds, ETSFs and ETPs segment, turnover was down 13.8%, and the number of trades was 9.6% lower. The Structured Products and Warrants segment saw a 36.4% drop in turnover and a 23.9% drop in the number of trades, while the corresponding figures in the ETFs segment were 27.3% and 24.9%. Given the strong growth recorded over the past few months, ETFs are on course to keep breaking records in terms of both turnover and the number of trades.
            In June 2011, 36 new Bonds CHF (+16.1%) and 4,269 new Structured Products and Warrants (-13.0%) were admitted to trading. This brings the total number of new Structured Products and Warrants in the first half of the year to 25,593 (+34.3%), a new half-year record. SIX Swiss Exchange welcomed 11 new participants over the sixmonth period.
            The leading equity indices trended lower in June 2011. The blue-chip SMI® closed the month at 6,187.1 points (-5.6% month-on-month and -3.9% for the year to date), the SLI® (Swiss Leader Index) at 964.4 points (-5.7% month-on-month and -5.2% for the year to date) and the broader SPI® at 5,684.5 (-5.6% month-on-month and -1.8% for the year to date).

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            Source: ETFWorld – SIX


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