Launch of a new HSI Short Daily Index ETF


db x-trackers, Deutsche Bank’s Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) platform, announces the launch of the HSI Short Daily Index ETF, the first ETF…


to offer European investors access to the short daily performance of an Asian stock market.

The ETF tracks the daily inverse performance of the Hang Seng Index (HSI), the most widely quoted indicator of the Hong Kong stock market.

Manooj Mistry, head of db x-trackers UK, said:
“The db x-trackers ETFs on short daily indices are very popular with investors across Europe. These products now have assets of over EUR2 billion and are amongst the most actively traded ETFs in Europe. The launch of the db x-trackers’ HSI Short Daily Index ETF complements the existing range of short daily index ETFs and provides a diversified option for investors looking for exposure to short performance of an Asian stock market.”

“We are excited about the opportunities these products provide, and believe investors will find them useful as short term portfolio trading tools through which they can react to market fluctuations in real time.”
db x-trackers has also announced the launch of four new European sector ETFs on short daily indices to add to the range of five that were launched in 2008. The new sectors covered include basic resources, industrial goods, insurance and utilities.
db x-trackers now offers 15 ETFs tracking short daily indices on the London Stock Exchange.
Below is the full list of db x-trackers ETFs on short daily indices offered on the London Stock Exchange. All of the above db x-trackers ETFs are eligible for inclusion in self select ISAs and SIPPS.

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Source: ETFWorld – LSE

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