Kavrak Oktay Leverage Shares

Leverage Shares Adds Asian Leaders to 1x Stock Tracker ETPs on Euronext

Leverage Shares is listing Asian and more US superstar Stock Tracker ETPs on Euronext.

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Oktay Kavrak, Product Strategy at Leverage Shares

These innovative ETPs allow European investors to gain 1:1 exposure to these in-demand stocks in Euros and in fractional pricing via their local brokers.

Retail investors make up over 20% of overall stock trading volume – having doubled their presence since prior to the pandemic. Retail investors’ global awareness, preference to invest in life changing tech names while preferring local brokers, FX and tax advantaged accounts led to the creation of this offering. Agency-only brokers needed a solution to deliver to this audience and are limited by regulation in offering non-local instruments.

The Stock Trackers are advantageous for institutional and retail investors alike, as well as legacy brokers, who until now have not been able to offer fractional trading to their clients.

Oktay Kavrak, Product Strategy @Leverage Shares : Today marks another milestone as we continue to bring cohesion to the fragmented European market. With a total of 17 Trackers, investors can get access to their favourite Asian and US stocks in Euros and during EU trading hours. Stocks like NIO, Palantir and have never been more accessible.

Brieuc Louchard, Head of ETFs at Euronext : The new listings from Leverage Shares demonstrate great innovation within the industry with now delta one single stock products that will extend investors’ possibilities. We are thrilled to make these products available on Euronext markets!

The additional Stock Tracker ETPs being listed continue to offer advantages such as:

1:1 exposure and 100% physically backed with relevant shares

Listed at approximately Euro 4 per share

Available in EUR

Listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Paris

Management fee of just 0.15% per annum


Source: ETFWorld

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