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Leverage Shares Unveils World’s First Stock Tracker ETPs

Leverage Shares launched the world’s first Stock Tracker ETPs on Euronext Amsterdam and Paris. The Stock Tracker ETPs break boundaries and level the playing field by making investing more accessible.

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Oktay Kavrak, Product Strategy at Leverage Shares

With the recent boom in single stock investing, the traded volume of Leverage Shares ETPs has almost doubled in Q1 2021 vs the previous quarter. Leverage Shares continues to expand its innovative portfolio with the release of Stock Tracker ETPs.

The Stock Tracker ETPs come in response to demand from investors keen on simple and safer products ideally in Euros. This newest addition permits single stock tracking without leverage, allowing for fractional trading at approximately Euro 5 per share on otherwise costly stocks of prominent public companies like Amazon at $3000 each. The Stock Trackers ETPs are advantageous for institutional and retail investors alike, as well as legacy brokers, who until now have not been able to offer fractional trading to their clients.

Oktay Kavrak, Product Strategy at Leverage Shares:

Our entire business model is focused on democratising access to investing. Many legacy brokers still don’t offer fractional trading, so investors have to shell out north of $3000 for a single share of Amazon and pay FX fees along the way. The Stock Trackers remove yet another barrier to make widespread investing accessible across borders and demographics.

Brieuc Louchard, Head of ETFs at Euronext :

The new listings from Leverage Shares demonstrate great innovation within the industry with now delta one single stock products that will extend investors’ possibilities. We are thrilled to make these products available on Euronext markets!

The Stock Tracker line-up includes 9 single-stock ETPs, offering 1:1 exposure to leading US and Canadian stocks at a fraction of the price. The list of products includes investors’ favorites, featuring Tesla, Coinbase, Shopify, and the FAANGs.

    Listed at just €5 a share

    Each ETP is 100% physically backed

    Trade in EUR on Euronext Amsterdam and Paris

    Management fee of just 0.15%

    Should be eligible for local tax friendly accounts

Stock Trackers are revolutionary tools suitable for a broad investor audience. Leverage Shares expects to expand this initial launch with additional Stock Trackers, providing access to a larger set of stocks across international markets.

NAME ISIN Paris Amsterdam Exchange
LS 1x Alphabet Tracker ETP XS2337100163 1GOO GOOG Euronext
LS 1x Amazon Tracker ETP XS2337104231 1AMZ AMZN Euronext
LS 1x Apple Tracker ETP XS2337099563 1AAP AAPL Euronext
LS 1x Coinbase Tracker ETP XS2338070282 1COI COIB Euronext
LS 1x Facebook Tracker ETP XS2337100080 1FB FB1X Euronext
LS 1x Microsoft Tracker ETP XS2337100320 1MSF MSFT Euronext
LS 1x Netflix Tracker ETP XS2337098839 1NFL NFLX Euronext
LS 1x Shopify Tracker ETP XS2337094259 1SHO SHFY Euronext
LS 1x Tesla Tracker ETP XS2337093798 1TSL TSLA Euronext

Source: ETFWorld

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