London Stock Exchange : ETF & ETP August Update

London Stock Exchange remains Europe’s top exchange for ETFs and other ETPs, and continues to grow across different products including fixed income ETFs, emerging market ETFs and Exchange Traded Commodities etc. ……

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– 12 new ETFs were listed in August 2017

– There are now 923 ETFs (available as 1,402 lines through multi-currency offerings) and 451 ETCs/ETNs (available as 520 lines) on our London market

Trading activity

– Total on-exchange value traded for ETFs in August 2017 was £22.04 billion (245k trades), up by 7% compared to August 2016

– Total on-exchange value traded for other ETPs (ETCs and ETNs) in August 2017 was £2.2 billion (44k trades), down by 37% compared to August 2016

Market coverage

– 20 registered market makers provide continuous pricing and a high quality pool of liquidity on our order-book

– In addition, more than 140 member firms from over 20 countries are connected to the London Stock Exchange’s order book and have access to trade ETFs

Points to highlight:

– There are 26 ETP issuers on London Stock Exchange and a total of 1,374 ETPs.

– We have welcomed GF International and Fidelity as new ETF issuers in 2017.

– 72 new ETFs and 17 new ETCs/ETNs were listed on LSE in 2017.

– Of the 89 new listings, there were 51 equity products, 28 fixed income products, 9 commodity products and 1 speciality product.

– Products listed on LSE showed a good diversity in terms of asset classes and trading currencies, offering investors with greater flexibility.

London ETF/ETP Market Growth

Total on-exchange value traded in August 2017 was £24.2 billion through 289k trades, up by 1% compared to August 2016

– Total on-exchange value traded YTD is £212.3 billion through 2.5 million trades, up by 3% compared to same period in 2016

– Average order book trade size for ETFs was £40k and average order book trade size for other ETPs was £41k in August 2017

Source: ETFWorld


Source: ETFWorld

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