LSE: launch of a new ETF


Source is pleased to announce the launch of its Russian ETF (RDX Source ETF) which is linked to the .

            LSE’s Russia Depository Price Return Index (RDX). This is the first Russian ETF in the European Market to be denominated and traded in US dollars.

            The ETF pays quarterly dividends distribution. In Russia there are often discrepancies between announced and paid dividend which leads to inefficiencies and smaller payouts to ETF investors. The RDX Source ETF will distribute the dividend equivalent to the amounts actually received with respect to the companies included in the RDX index, creating a more effective passive trading product.

            RDX is a capitalisation-weighted price index and is made up of ADRs/GDRs of Russian blue chip stocks, which are continuously traded at London Stock Exchange (LSE). Calculated in USD and disseminated in real-time by Wiener Börse. The initial level of the RDX was set to 1,000 as of 8 October 1997.

            Source continues to focus on delivering incremental value to European ETF investors through a combination of enhanced indices, improved structuring and active trading.

            Source UK Services Limited is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority.

            Source: ETFWorld – Source

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