Lyxor ETF Barometer – September 2015

.European ETF market flows continued their positive trend in August 2015. NET NEW ASSETS (NNA) during this month amounted to EUR 9.7 billion, close to January 2015’s record high of EUR 10.9 billion…..

Marlène Hassine – Head of ETF Research – Lyxor ETF

Lyxor Etf Barometer – September 2015

Total Assets under Management are up 17% vs. the end of 2014, reaching EUR 425 billion including a 4.8% market impact*. Ahead of the change in Fed monetary policy expected before the end of the year, investors are moving their allocation out of risky assets (Emerging Markets and High Yield) into equities in areas with modest but safe growth outlook (European equities).

Equity ETF flows rose significantly to EUR 7.3 billion. Investors have favoured developed markets with EUR 9.2 billion of inflows. European ETF inflows have reached high levels. ETFs in the European region gathered EUR 3.5 billion of inflows, France and peripheral equity inflows reached record high levels at EUR 373 million and EUR 326 million respectively. Flows were also positive on US ETFs at EUR 2 billion and on Japan at EUR 524 million. On the other hand, emerging market outflows have reached record levels of EUR 1.5 billion, close to the December 2014 record of EUR 1.8 billion. Country ETFs such as Indian, South Korean and Russian ETFs were among the most affected by investor fears of a riskier environment. Interestingly these concerns on emerging markets have also negatively impacted the Smart beta ETFs, which registered their first month of outflows for a year.

Fixed income ETF inflows were positive at EUR 2.3 billion. Interestingly these flows mainly affected European Govies at EUR 1.3 billion, which is close to January 2015’s record high. Investment grade corporate bond ETFs continue to see inflows, collecting EUR 403 million, while high yield bonds registered outflows of EUR 173 million with investors fleeing the riskiest assets.

Commodity flows were negative at EUR 27 million. Broad ETFs flows rebounded to EUR 162 million while precious metal ETFs saw EUR 189 million of outflows.

*75% of MSCI ACWI NTR +4.6%, and 25% of the JPM Global aggregate +5.4% between 31/12/14 and 31/08/15 in EUR


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